Saturday, 3 December 2011

Tux Racer - Kinect camera control through PC

The following videos demonstrate the use of the Kinect Primesense camera with a game called Tux Racer.  Using the FAAST programme it is possible to control the Penguin in the game with just body movements alone - all of which can be decided and programmed by the user.  The videos show the users leaning left and right to control the direction of the Penguin, but the controls could easily be transferred to arm movements, leg movements, turning the body etc etc.

The game and programme offer an easy demonstration as to how the game could lend itself to encouraging movement control within therapy.  This game, however, is quite fast paced and therefore not completely suitable for someone looking to develop their movement control.  It is possible to slow the Penguin down though (allowing more time to control the left/right direction) by setting control for the brake key to always be on - the programming will depend on which movement you choose for the brake, but if it was to be leaning backwards then to have the movement required to be '0' would mean that it was always braking.... its worth having a go!

Good luck.

Tux Racer with Kinect Support from Matt Rajca on Vimeo.

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